National Junior Honor Society


5 Pillars of NJHS


First of the requirements for admission is Scholarship. NJHS members have inquiring minds, a capacity for hard work, and an eagerness for knowledge. The members have been chosen first of all because of their high scholastic standing and faithfulness to their studies.


Those who dare to stand upon their own initiative are the leaders of life, but while leading, they must grow by listening to those who are superior, by heeding the advice of those who are wiser, and by reading and studying the words of those who are more learned. The price of leadership is sacrifice: willingness to yield one’s own personal interest for the interest of others, and a willingness to give up one’s own time and personal preferences for the sake of others.


It means more than work. It is the striving and laboring for the benefit of others. There are various forms of service than an NJHS member may render–service to one’s school, service to one’s home and family, service to one’s community and country. The members of NJHS will constantly strive to put others before their own pleasure, help those who are less fortunate than themselves, and will serve in every possible way their school, community and country.


The National Junior Honor Society recognizes the development of good character in the individual as of supreme importance. The real student whose character is expressed through his personality works with a purpose, he scorns shame and pretense, he keeps his mind open, and is wide awake for new ideas. The members of NJHS have been chosen because of recognized qualities of character.


Citizenship represents the fundamental basis of good living, not only in school, but in all phases of life. In school, it is the good citizen who sets the example of others to follow and who builds up a high standard for the school. Through all walks of life, citizenship unconsciously becomes part of our speech, actions, and thoughts. The members of NJHS have been chosen partly because of their good citizenship in school.

Requirements to be part of NJHS

  • Receive a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Receive a score of  3 or 4 on Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship from the Faculty Council.